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Sherry McLean-Principal

Fr Robinson School, Saskatoon SK

Heartbeat Theatre Productions kicked off our school wide retreat on October 19th [2018}.  The students were engaged from start to finish and the staff could not say enough positives about the performance.  Our retreat theme was  "Let Your Light Shine" and the Backwards Kingdom fit perfectly.  It is an amazing feat to keep 450 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 intrigued and enthusiastic for a whole hour.  In fact, staff and students did not want the show to end!   Thank you Heartbeat Theatre Productions for your message of hope, faith, love and above all how we can all be the Light of Christ to others in our world.  The staff and students highly recommend Heartbeat Theatre Productions.

Greg Kruikshank- Reviewer- Jul 27/2017

Hamilton View Mag (pg 13)

A charming adventure with a positive message on the import of helping others, Castle Alphabet is genuinely clever, surprisingly witty show... (review on pg 13)

Kim Welte-Principal

St Thomas Aquinas School

One of the most engaging theatre performances we've ever had! The beautiful message of love, faith and courage was outstanding. Even kindergarten sat for 55 minutes completely and totally engaged! Thanks so much!

Gary- Curriculum Coordinator

Inglewood School, Edmonton AB

The presentation was fabulous! First class Act for kids! Thanks! InglewoodSchool loved it!

Elle- Grade 6 Teacher

Coronation School, Edmonton, AB

The presentation was quirky, humorous, upbeat, and engaging to our division 2 students. The themes were something that all our students could relate to in their own individual way.

Cynthia- Grade 1 English Teacher

St. Dominic's Catholic School, Edmonton AB

[I appreciated] how interactive the performers were with the students! The story plot was easy to understand for younger students, of which allowed them to stay engaged.

Victoria Daniel- Music Teacher

Brander Gardens School, Edmonton, AB 

The Secret of Castle [Alphabet], performed by Heartbeat Theatre, offers something for students of all ages. A variety of comical characters, frequent and entertaining set and costume changes, and thought-provoking content delivered in a light, humorous  style.

Kevin- Teacher

Medicine Hat Christian School, Medicine Hat, AB

[Backwards Kingdom] was very creative and taught a biblical lesson very well, that was easy to understand.

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