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Hear, There Be Dragons

Show Synopsis:

A castle, dragons, and bullwhips… oh, my! This tale takes place off the edge of the map in the fictional world of Castle Alphabet where the head horse wrangler, Will O’ The Whisper, can’t bring the unruly new stallion to heel. Engaging the help of the mystical groundskeeper Alcuvius, Will discovers that the horse is not ill-tempered but hard of hearing. But just when resolution seems at hand, Debby the Dragon makes her Fiery appearance.


Employing ASL (American Sign Language) and incorporating a lesson in the sound barrier, your students will be entertained while getting a lesson in inclusion and diversity and a pinch of science as well. This performance package that was specifically created to be presented in a Covid safe way includes a 30 minute movie to be viewed in the classroom, and 6 live, 15 minute bullwhip performances/ science demonstrations. Weather permitting, the live performance can be performed outdoors. It can also be performed in a gymnasium.


Duration: 45 mins

Max audience: 550

Cost: $700, plus additional travel fee outside of Calgary